Fairfield Caterers Difference

Fairfield Catering Group was founded in 1989 when two partners purchased The Fox Hill Inn property in Brookfield, Connecticut. Their vision was to take this historic property and turn it into an exclusive wedding venue. Multiple renovations, menus, and managers later, they had honed their idea into a successful business model.

Today, Fairfield Catering Group is a leader in private events. Our current collection of properties spans across Connecticut (Fox Hill Inn and Candlewood Inn in Brookfield, Waterview in Monroe and Riverview in Simsbury) and we recently opened our newest venue, the storied Le Chateau in South Salem, New York. As a company, we host over 1,000 private events annually.

What sets our venues apart is a truly unique combination of experience and passion for detail.

First, we own and operate all of our properties, and our venues are among the most iconic in our markets. From the classic lines of Candlewood Inn with its enviable location on Connecticut’s largest lake, to the glamorous and contemporary Waterview set on thirteen private waterfront acres, to the classic “Gone with the Wind” style of Fox Hill Inn, to soaring ceilings and elegant lines of Riverview set serenely on the bucolic shores of the Farmington River, to the distinguished grandeur of a hilltop Gilded Age mansion that is Le Chateau, our venues offer something truly unique and very special to our clients.

Second, all of our culinary offerings are prepared in house and to order. We don’t prepare food in commissaries or in advance. Each of our venues has a fully outfitted kitchen and a dedicated and talented culinary team that is always improving and experimenting with our menus.

Third, our people are among the best in the business, and their passion, energy, and creativity bring our events to life. Our team takes a personal interest in the story behind every event, and blends our services with the customer’s vision to create the special alchemy of a “Perfect Event”. Many of our employees have been with the company for 10, 20 and even 30 years. We have Event Managers who have planned and executed over 2,000 weddings during their time with us!

Looking ahead, the company is always on the lookout for new properties and locations that fit our profile for extraordinary experiences, and plans to expand into new markets in the future.